Thursday, September 02, 2010

Boxer Afraid of Fiorina

It is clear from the latest actions of the Democrats that they are deathly afraid of Carly Fiorina.

It has always been the conventional wisdom from the pro-abortion view of things that when when discussing abortion, one only talks about choice, one never mentions abortion, and one paints the other side as extremist. Abortionists and the Left loved to pit the young pro-choice woman against the graying white old "anti-abortion" man and claim that he was out of touch with those important women's issues.

But with Fiorina, it is a little more difficult. Just as with Sarah Palin, the left has to focus on character assassination in order to try to score points.However they generally avoid the "A" word (abortion) because they know it does not resonate well with the American people. So they have run an ad that does just that.

So Carly Fiorina, the pro-life candidate, wants to criminalize abortion. Translation: She wants to protect women and children from being exploited and killed by abortionists like this guy. After all on July 28,2010,  the California Medical Board added the charge of homicide to the number of actions that warrant revocation of Dr. Andrew Rutland's license. Rutland is an abortionist with a lengthy record of discipline by the state agency that oversees physicians. 

Maybe she wants to end the long list of women killed by abortion who are routinely ignored by the media.

After all Planned Parenthood, the media and their pro-abortion politicians are responsible for the thousands of dead women - women who were killed by abortionists performing legal abortions.

So Carly, tell the people of California you believe in life, in protecting life and in defending life. You will not apologize for wanting to protect women from those who would exploit them. You believe that your fellow women deserve better.

You see the bond between a mother and her child is sacred. Most people believe that. Except those who think killing unborn babies is a "right."

Those people are out of touch and need to be retired from public life.


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