Monday, March 22, 2010

But for Wales?

With the passage of this bill by the House, there is no real reform. There is only more government interference and involvement in our lives.

I laugh to myself. For 35 years I have been accused of wanting MORE government interference in the private health care decision of women - all because I wanted to end abortion. now the house has passed a bill that does interfere with people's private health care decisions and the Left is happy.

It is all about power.

It is all about control.

They oppose any exercise of real freedom. They oppose the free exercise of our liberties.

And as for Stupak, he set back efforts to create an authentic pro-life voice within the Democrat party ten years. His cowardly "dive" will cost him and the pro-life Democrats trying to make a dent into the party. Maybe not today ... but eventually.

As someone who has tried to encourage pro-life democrats to support pro-life candidates in their own primaries, I will say that I am thoroughly disgusted. My friend John Shaddegg proved to be prophetic when he warned me that these guys (Stupak et al)would cave - and that was in November. So I publicly ask as did Diogenes in Greece, Is there an honest authentic pro-life democrat who will not sell out the cause for a few scraps of bread?

Is there someone who has the fortitude to stand up to the pressure?

Or can they all be bought?

I could only think of The scene in 'A Man for All Seasons' after Rich's perjury. More looks as the crest of the office and reminds Rich that it is not enough to gain the whole world and suffer the of one's soul. But for Wales?


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