Thursday, March 04, 2010

Standing up against the tide - Realize this - All this talk of health care is really about promoting abortion

By now everyone has heard of the Democrat efforts to force the so called health care reform bill through the process of reconciliation, a means whereby the Senate only needs 51 votes to pass the measure. What is not mentioned is that both bills have to be identical in order for there to be a reconciliation vote. the Senate does not appear to be in any way ready to vote for the House version which contains the Stupak-Pitts Amendment prohibiting the use of tax dollars to fund abortion. The Senate bill contains very extreme pro-abortion language as well as language not approved by liberals. So there is no way both pro-life and liberal members of the House are going to support the Senate version as written. Indeed if Pelosi had the votes, she would have called a vote by now. Her comments today that this is not about abortion only prove the point. The more she protests that there is no funding of abortion, the more incredible her statements become.

Nevertheless it is imperative that those who wish to stop this abomination of a bill contact their representatives and remind them that if they do not vote against this bill, they will feel the wrath of the electorate come November.

The House will have to vote on the Senate version and Bart Stupak has said publicly that he knows of 10 to 15 votes that will not support any version that does not contain a prohibition against abortion funding. He has also stated that Pelosi is misleading the public when she makes the claim that there is no promotion of abortion in the Senate bill. Of course anyone who has followed Madame Speaker knows she is the consummate political prevaricator. She will stop at nothing to get her own way.


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