Sunday, March 14, 2010

Its all about abortion

Once again the fault line is abortion.

As many have been saying over the last year, the whole push for health care reform is nothing more than an attempt by the extreme left to mandate abortion coverage and funnel billions of dollars to organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

Evidence of this massive conspiracy to overturn the Hyde Amendment and to enshrine abortion funding in law was seen in President Obama's pre-election speech before Planned Parenthood in 2008 and most recently in Representative Bart Stupak's interview during which he discussed Henry Waxman's statements about the upcoming vote on the Senate bill. Quoting Waxman, Stupak told of a conversation he had with Waxman:

"I [Stupak] gave him [Waxman] the language. He came back a little while later and said, "But we want to pay for abortions." I said, "Mr. Chairman, that's -- we disagree. We don't do it now, we're not going to start," Stupak related.

"But we think should," Stupak said Waxman told him, according to a Fox News writeup of the interview.

Stupak continued: "I said, 'Well, I'm sorry but the House has spoken. We had that debate. We won 240-190. You forced the vote, a vote we won fair and square and we're not gonna, this is what it is. If you want to move health care keep current law.'"

Waxman has long been a radical extremist on the subject of abortion. His penchant for strong arming pro-abortion policies has happened time and again.

the California politician is well known for talking out of his both sides of his mouth. examine his comments last Oct 2009:

"We have a difference of opinion at the moment we cannot bridge," said Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, where the abortion language was approved. "We have done everything we can to ensure that there will be no federal funds for abortion services."

Of course no self respecting pro-life advocate would be fooled by Waxman and his antics. But it is just additional proof that the Democrat leadership in the congress along with the president are more concerned about padding Planned Parenthood's pockets than really addressing the issues of Health care. Remember that when you read in the latest talking points in the government intoxicated press.


At 12:41 PM, Blogger Jim said...

John, you are too kind and gentle when you use phrases like "speaking out of both sides of his mouth." I favor words like liar and deceiver when referring to pro-aborts who know exactly what they are doing repeatedly. They have no qualms in using whatever means necessary to advance their evil intent of legalizing the killing of unborn children who they consider to be unwanted or undesirable. It's well past the time to take the gloves off and fight evil with the strongest truth possible. One who lies should be called a liar.

intransitive verb

1 : to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive

2 : to create a false or misleading impression

transitive verb

: to bring about by telling lies


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