Monday, February 16, 2015

Random comments on President's Day

So I noticed that I had not posted in a while. In fact I had not posted since before Christmas. There were many reasons. The most obvious was that I just had hip replacement surgery in December. I've been recovering from the surgery and between the physical therapy and trying to get the practice back up and running, there was not been a lot of time to think about writing about current pro-life events happening around the country and the world.

I did attend the March for Life in late January. I also spoke at the Life and Law Summit while in DC.  I very much enjoyed seeing some great friends and making new acquaintances.

The size of the March was amazing. Over 650,000 people attended and marched according to reliable estimates. The media and press of course ignored it for the most part. Fortunately for us the alternative media, social media, Facebook, Twitter all took account of what was happening. Various websites that track the bias of the establishment media took them to task for ignoring a march of this magnitude. Still when I returned to Arizona, I learned that most people did not know the march took place or had absolutely no idea how many people marched on January 22, 2015.

One can say that with great certainty the movement is growing. It is younger than ever and more vibrant and than ever before. If there is any criticism it is that most of the next generation of pro-lifers have absolutely no idea what the last 40 years have been like. Those that are getting involved for the first time had no idea what this country has been through. Understandably so as it is next to impossible to put one's mind around the fact that Americans using abortion have killed over 55 million people. Indeed when I think about how many have died, I am tempted to think that perhaps the movement has been a total failure.

Of course I cannot live in that moment. I understand the reality of what has happened over the last 42 years. I accept the fact that most Americans are law-abiding citizens, and that if their government tells them they can or cannot act, they will listen. I also recognize that the movement is fighting not only the government, not only the media establishment, not only the judges, is not only the courts of law, but also the inertia that comes from an individual's unwillingness to act because of the cost involved.

And yet we have kept abortion a dirty word. We have educated hundreds of thousands of people over the years and have saved millions of children. So we cannot dwell on that our failures in the past but we can learn from them. The important lessons include
1) no longer fighting among ourselves or at least reducing the amount of fighting we do;
2) focusing on helping women avoid the abortion situation and reaching out to those involved in the abortion industry;
3) continuing to press on with both legal and political efforts to make abortion unthinkable, keep it an ugly word, change the mentality of those who promote it; change the law.

So I encourage everyone to continue to stay the course, do not quit, remain involved.

If you have not been involved, seriously think about getting involved. Pray about it. If you are a believer, ask God what you can do to advance the cause of life to protect his little ones. Consider how we applaud the firefighter who runs into a burning building to save a life. Imagine you being that firefighter. Now imagine you being in front of an abortion mill and offering to a woman help, hope, a chance to not have a lifetime of guilt hanging over her head because of an action that she's taken due to the pressures and problems of the particular moment. Imagine yourself helping that woman to save her baby. Imagine if she continues to raise the child and looks at the child every day, she will know that you were responsible for this child being alive.  Imagine that she places the child for adoption and there's a couple who every day thanks God that you were there to save their child from being killed. These are the reasons why we must be involved. These are the reasons why we cannot ignore the situation. These are the reasons why we have to encourage our brothers and sisters to stand up and defend life. And finally these are the reasons why we have to instill in our political leaders the courage to defend life without reservation, and without compromise. I will write more as the Spirit moves me. I appreciate all of you who are involved in the cause.

 God bless you.


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