Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS - Talking about the new book " The Race to Save Our Century" by Jason Jones and John Zmirak

I must confess at beginning that I am a little biased when it comes to reviewing good books. There is something wonderful about reading a tome that exudes logic, common sense and a proper turn of a phrase. Considering the general poor writing one finds in the mainstream press, the lack of logic in editorials and commentary, and the overall reduction of language to 140 characters, it was refreshing to peruse the pages of Jason Jones and John Zmirak's new book, The Race to Save Our Century.

Imagine a book that connects the dots.

That is what The Race to Save Our Century does for its readers. It explains the crisis of belief in values, in the truth, in the objective moral order, walking the reader through the past - history - exploring the reasons why we are at this pivotal fork in the road between chaos and darkness and order and light.

 Jason and  John  have distilled these concepts into a bold powerful elixir. I know Jason well. We have discussed these ideas over the years in a variety of settings; sometimes in the foyer of a hotel, sometimes at the Dubliner with other pro-life activists, sometimes on the way to the airport or on the phone as we were driving to our respective homes after being on the road. The passion they both have for defending life is found in this book.  They provide the reader with the historical supports to their arguments and the citations to those works.  The book should be mandatory reading for every senior in high school and every freshman in college.

I will let you read the book and draw your own conclusions on how significant is the subject matter. What is it that we are called to do in our own personal lives? What is the role of government in protecting the lives of people? Why do governments do what they do? As the fighting continues in the Middle East, as the babies continue to be slaughtered in the abortion mills throughout the world, and as the millions of refugees continue to struggle to survive in camps throughout much of the Third World, we need to take stock of who we are as individuals as communities, as nations and ask ourselves - what is it all about?

Reading this book will help to decipher the answers to these profound questions.


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