Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Planned Parenthood - Media approved pedophiles

The mainstream media has been having a field day with the tragic news from Penn State about allegations of child abuse involving a long time coach and the subsequent cover-up of the alleged criminal activities. The press has also been talking a whole lot about allegations of sexual harassment by presidential candidate Herman Cain, taking anonymous complaints and giving them front page treatment.

Now both stories may be newsworthy in their own right. Politics is not for the faint of heart. The reaction by the public has been most interesting. The scandal at Penn State has brought down the legendary Joe Paterno because he did not act more completely when told elements of the alleged activity. The public outcry again has been predictable.

So along comes Jill Stanek who asks a very serious question - where is the media examination of Planned Parenthood at its cover-up of sexual abuse of children?

In her blog today she asks some extremely targeted questions about the code of silence in the media when it comes to Planned Parenthood and its involvement in various sex scandals over the years.

She lists in her blog examples taken from an Americans United for Life exclusive report: The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood.

These reports do not mention the events that happened in Arizona involving Planned Parenthood. Not many people know about the 14 year old girl who was a ward of the state, living with a foster couple whose adult son impregnated the child on two occasions and took her to Planned Parenthood on both occasions for abortions. The pattern of abuse of underage children is widespread and knows no geographical boundaries. Live Action did a number of explosive stories proving that Planned Parenthood employees will lie and cover up child abuse in order to facilitate an abortion

Jill's story may be read by those of us in the pro-life community. The question is whether it will be read by congressional leaders who need to hold hearings on these predatory practices of Planned Parenthood. It is not enough that Planned Parenthood gets millions of federal dollars without any oversight as to how these tax dollars are spent. This international enterprise is covering up the exploitation of women and children while the media conveniently ignores the tales of disaster it leaves in its wake.

The media rightly asks how those in power can abuse the public trust. We must ask the media to ask themselves the same question. AS Jill reported in her blog,

And in September Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services did an end run around the State of New Hampshire to award a no-bid contract to the very same Planned Parenthood of Northern New England whose CEO 10 years before had testified it did not report suspected child abuse as mandated by law.

We must contact our elected officials and ask them to investigate Planned Parenthood. We must ask our public officials to make sure all proper reporting is being done according to the state laws. We must be vocal in our opposition of any political figure, any entertainment figure, any public figure who supports Planned Parenthood. Finally we must ask companies why they who ever consider giving money to an organization connected with child abuse.

Thankfully the use of the alternative media and social networking has allowed more information to get out to the public. Still most do not know or have not heard of the horror stories of the abortion industry. We must continue to to put pressure not only on the mainstream media but also on the so-called conservative outlets be they on radio, cable TV or on the internet. Everyone needs to be discussing how it is that a recipient of tax dollars is complicit in sex trafficking of minors, forced abortions of minors, covering up of statutory rape of minors, and the continued failure to report criminal activity. The media needs to do its job. Thank you Jill for doing yours.

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