Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arizona Medical Board restricts Phoenix Abortionist Gabrielle Goodrick's license

In further news that will not make it on television, radio or in the financially troubled Arizona Republic, local Phoenix abortionist Gabrielle Goodnick had her license to practice medicine restricted in December 2010 due to abuse of prescription medication. In an Order for Probation with License Restriction, the Board issued findings of fact and conclusions of law restricting her use of intravenous and prescription medication and putting her on probation for five years.

Goodrick has an abortion practice in Phoenix. She used to work for Planned Parenthood.

Her problems reflect the similar problems many have seen in other abortionists throughout the country. Former abortionists speak of the addictions, the personal, and emotional problems that cast a dark cloud over their lives. Tragically most abortionists fail to realize that killing babies and putting women at risk will take a toll on the soul. Simply stated such actions will kill the soul if not stopped.

Throughout the country, we are seeing the deadly impact of abortion on everyone's lives, be it the baby, the woman, the clinic worker, the abortionist, the nurse.

So who really benefits from abortion?

No one.

Pray that Goodrick and all abortionists will quit this practice of death and use their skills to be healers as they were meant to be.

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